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1 Level 3 restoration: Extensive damage including the face

Price list for photo restoration

Level 1:

Minimal damage to the picture. Dust and scratches to areas with little detail.

Price A$65

Level 2:

Moderate damage to picture, including areas with fine detail, but excludes damage to people’s faces.

Price A$100

Level 3:

Severe damage to much of the picture. Portions of the picture missing. Any facial damage falls into this level.

Price A$145

Pricing includes a complimentary print of an equivalent size to the original or up to a maximum of A4 size.

If you wish to scan your photo and upload, please scan at 300ppi at 100%, in RGB colour, even if the original is black and white. This gives the best detail and quality. Files can be either JPEG, TIFF or PSD.

Whilst we will treat your original with the utmost care, Buttered Lime accepts no responsibility for damage caused to posted prints. We therefore recommend scanning and uploading of files.

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