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Born in Liverpool when it mattered (at the beginning of the Beatles meteoric rise to fame), I grew up on the other side of the Mersey, the Wirral.


Childhood wasn't particularly spectactular, which probably explains why I'm only slightly above average, rather than amazing, at art!


My parents were, however, the best! We didn't have much, but never really went without. Our camping holidays to North Wales were, to this day, some of the best times of my life.


I, mostly, enjoyed school. Had a great bunch of friends. Unfortunately kept in touch with very few of them. I went to Oldershaw School in Liscard, Wirral. George Clooney, apparently, did some time there also. Can't remember it myself, but he was in the year ahead of me.


Ever since I was a very small child my mum had always wanted me to become a doctor, but I decided, as a rebellious 16-year-old that I was better at art than I was at Biology, so got a job as an apprentice signwriter. That didn't last and I then went to Art College to study Graphic Design.


After finishing Art College with a City & Guilds qualification in Graphic Design, I went back into the signs industry where I worked for the next 15 years or so at which time I felt I was ready for a major life change. I saw an advert in a job centre for Nursing and decided to give that a go.


I did my nursing education at Peterborough, England, qualifying in 1999. Moved back to Merseyside in 2001 and emigrated to Australia in 2004 to work in Fremantle Hospital, where I work to this day.


I am currently the Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Consultant in Fremantle Hospital and am a Nurse Practitioner candidate through Curtin University, WA.


Photography is a passion of mine. My main areas of interest are wildlife and landscapes and I shoot mainly digital. I am currently going a bit retro, using my old Canon EOS 600 film camera and have recently purchased a Lubitel TLR, which is great fun. I also like the freedom and fun of shooting on my iPhone, the quality of pictures out of the iPhone can be quite amazing in the right circumstances.


I am currently working on a project entitled "Reflections" which is a series of pictures of, er, reflections...


I hope you enjoy the photos. I'd love some feedback...


All the best, John

Self portrait with an iPhone